Why? About you

There are countless incredibly beautiful considerations for booking a session. Above all it is important what you want to achieve. That is why the treatments can apply to many things.

You decide to stand entirely in your own strength. You like to heal physically, emotionally and mentally. You want to release negative patterns and heal trauma. You desire to increase self-awareness and self-confidence. You wish to get answers to your questions about life.

Therefore, you like to optimize the functioning of your body on a mental, emotional and physical level and be in balance.

Due to the session there can be an increase in your spiritual awareness and you can get answers to your questions about life and beyond.


It is about you!

What moves you? What is it that slows you down? Where do you want to go? Or do you just have a complaint that you want to get rid of?

All the answers lie within you and you have an amazing team of guides, angels, and other spirit members around you to assist you. One of the best ways to get in touch with your Subconscious or Higher Self is through your own intuition. Many people often ignore their intuition. While intuition play a huge role in your own self-healing. It is important to trust and honor that gut and heart feeling. When you do this, everything begins to fall into place, your purpose becomes clearer and fear can subside. Trough your own intuition you come to a better point of understanding why you are here and what you are meant to be doing.

Life is like a puzzle. Sometimes a puzzle piece is too big or too small to fit into the whole. Still, we try to fit the pieces to make the puzzle. The puzzle is getting bigger. Nevertheless, this pieces still remain to big or to small even we try to fit them into the puzzle.

Everything you learn, every touch, whoever you meet is stored in your energy system, you learn to deal with it. It makes you who you are! With a healing we look at the deviating pieces and adjust them so that they fit in perfectly. Life is back in balance.

Sometimes you can only move forward if you go back and then return to this moment.

Other applications are for example:
  • stress,
  • hypersensitivity (hsp),
  • psychological problems,
  • PTSS,
  • Burn-out,
  • chronic complaints,
  • pregnancy problems,
  • (postnatal) depression,
  • a crying baby,
  • other health issues,
  • soul pain,
  • worries or questions about life …

The above mentioned applications are only a few to let you have an idea what the sessions can apply for. If your complaint is not mentioned or if you have doubts whether your complaint or question also belongs in the list, please contact me.

Sometimes other therapists and methods are needed to reach your goal. Besides my approach I think it is important that you in case of acute complaints, let yourself be helped by a skilled doctor and/or specialist.

If you tried everything within the ‘regular care’, these treatments can still be effective.