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Dear Dana, you are such a beautiful, warm hearted, lightful, talented and very caring, lovely soul. You have this amazing gift to see people right from the heart and support them where they currently need it the most. Dana is doing this with different kinds of healing technics and coaching tools, to relief pain, energy blockages in the body, realisation of self created mind sets and adjusting those to make life easier. Through the healing sessions the whole body mind and soul system can relax deep down and healing can happen. Dana helped me out a few times already, when I did not know what to do anymore. The 3 healing sessions with you made me feel better, lighter and happier right afterwards. I still can feel the change and the growth which comes with it. You are holding the space and it is easy to trust you whilest you are doing the healing session. You are a lightworker with care and a big heart. Thank you for your support and your love. By the way, the massage is also very good. I recommend Dana very much. Make yourself a gift anyone and let your light shine bright. Liane 🙏🏼
Admin Reply by: danathurmer
Thank you for your kind words.
Dear Dana, I got a healing a while ago. While at first I doubted, I am glad that I did it! Your calm en professional nature made me feel safe en welcome. Immediately afterwards I felt light en clean. In de weeks after I see that even my family is affected. In the good sense! I stay in balance en calmer. This is feeling very good en healthy. Thank you for healing mee. Kind regards Arlene
Admin Reply by: danathurmer
Dear Arlene, you are very welcome. Thanks for the review. Love Dana