Distance healing/ Coaching session

€ 90 per hour

Energetic Therapy package

€ 450

SOUL Journey - Beyond Quantum Healing approx. 4 hours

€ 388 per session

Energetic House Cleaning

€ 45


8 x 1,5 to 2 hours via zoom (live) 3 weeks in a row then 2 weeks break and then another week
€ 870


  • Intake about 90 minutes             € 30
  • Basic 15 hour program                € 1050
  • Heal yourself 30 hour program   € 2100
  • Heal others 10 hour program      € 995

Telephone consultation (after receiving a treatment)

Per 15 min:     € 15

Canceling a treatment can cause costs.

If you cancel your appointment within 48 hours, you pay half of the rate. If you cancel 24 hours in advance, I will charge you the whole amount.

Payment takes place immediately after the consultation. You can pay cash or trough Tikki or PayPal. You can also make an appointment on location within Holland. I charge travel time, mileage and parking cost for this.

In case of a distance treatment, payment always takes place before the start of the treatment. This is done trough Tikki or PayPal 24 hours in advance. If the payment is received, the treatment takes place at the agreed time.

The costs are not reimbursed by the health insurance.