What I do

During a session, I establish an energetic connection with you, your healing team en your Subconscious. I will also have a connection with my own ‘team’. This deep energetic connection will help us create a safe environment in which I facilitate you. This can be done at distance as well as personally.

I am able to use different methods such as emphatic ability, Spiritual Healing & Energetic Therapie, Beyond Quantum Healing(BQH), Reiki, use of crystals, various cards from tarot til angel cards, guided meditation and various other methods that I have learned over the years. I will be guided by my own as well as your ‘team’ to which treatment is currently most suitable for you. 

As a result
  • Energy that is stored or disrupted in your system will be removed.

Everything you feel, think and do you carry with you and has an effect on your energy system. Often we call it trauma. Trauma’s can stop further development on your life path and are stored as energy in your system. 

  • Grounding/base is restored and your entire energy system will be connected to the earth.

Connection to earth, charging and discharging of the energy system(grounding) helps to process things and to eliminate them. Without grounding the human energy system cannot get into its potential power. You have no base, no strength, no foundation and you are quickly out of balance. To be grounded means that you have the ability to remain in balance regardless of what is happening around you. It draws all your attention and energy to the ‘here and now’ at this moment of yourself.

  • Questions you have can be answered if it is the appropriate time.

There is nothing you cannot ask!

About the purpose of life, your relationship, your job, health, strange experiences, dreams, visions, UFO encounters, your spirit guide, guardian angel or totem, how to improve your intuitive or psychic skills and so on…

You can get answers to your questions when it is the appropriate time to have them. Our conscious mind is limited and some answers can disrupt the life in the ‘here and now’, so your Subconscious will decide to answer them or not to protect you.


“There are many roads that lead to Rome” and yet if all roads are blocked, you will not get there. You are stuck, you worry, you get lost, you become ill.

I would like to facilitate you to explore one of the roads. To book a session go to contact.

Why it works even at distance?

Everything is vibration or energy, your body, your thoughts, plants, animals and everything around you. We are not separate individuals, we are connected to each other. Energy is not tied to time or place.

As Alain Aspect discovered, there are some subatomic particles that are capable of constantly communicating with each other no matter how far apart they were.

According to quantum physicist David Bohm, this is possible because time and space does not exist and because at a deeper reality level subatomic particles are not separate entities but the extension of the fundamental something and everything that seems to be infinitely connected in the Universe.

That is why a distance treatment is just as effective as a treatment where you are physically present.


Apart from healing sessions I also give massages to pregnant woman.