Energetic House Cleaning

From a distance I will ‘clean’ your house of all stored energies. What is stored can be very different.

Do you sometimes find yourself entering a room and suddenly you start to feel different? Do you feel tired or exhausted? Is your energy literally being sucked away? This can be solved by cleaning a room, house, car, garage, attic, basement, workplace or wherever you go.

Everything is energy any emotion (positive or negative), arguments, arguments, feelings, ghosts and any weird feeling you may have. It can affect you on a physical and energetic level. Disturbances in the energetic field can be removed with this cleaning.

It doesn’t matter if this space is big or small. The possibilities are endless. Any entities or ghosts present are sent away.

Have you just moved into a new home and want to start with a clean slate? Energies that may have been left behind from previous occupants can be removed.

After a cleaning, a lot of space and a nice loving energy is often felt.

Be surprised!

The cleaning takes about 30 minutes. You can stay at home in the room for this. You can also choose to have the cleaning done when you are not there.

The cleaning must always be paid in advance via PayPal, Tikkie (via What’s App) or Bank Transfer. No guarantees are given.