Dana Thurmer

I am! My name is Dana. I am a Mother, a spiritual being and an energy healer. I still learn every day. The spirit, mind and soul of people have fascinated me all my life. The diversity remains impressive. Every being has its own unique story. Ultimately, everything comes down to one thing. LOVE.

I worked more than 25 years as a midwife. I am convinced that there is more between heaven, earth and beyond.

The unconditional powerful connection between mother and child, father and child and then the more powerful connection of them together. Everything and everyone connected to each other on a physical and spiritual level.

I have been working with ‘energy’ for years. A source as powerful as we are able to comprehend.

The training for Spiritual Healing & Energetic Therapist and Beyond Quantum Healer enables me to work even more consciously with all available energy.

My goal is to be there -to facilitate you- to get the answers you need, to stand in your strength, to find your own way and move forward to where you want to be in your life. The energetic connection with the earth and the processing of trauma play an important role in this.